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RH-005184 R009 Wms Life Seamless Tight F
RH-005184 R009 Wms Life Seamless Tight B


Momentum Seamless_Tight_Womens_0490_1600
Momentum Seamless_Tight_Womens_0490_1600
Momentum Seamless_Tight_Womens_0490_1600


Womens Life Seamless Tight

Our Seamless Tights are stylish, flexible, and designed to support your muscles. The high waistband and strong performance fabric hold you in for a flattering look, while still allowing you to run, stretch, train and recover however you want. They will make you feel like a superhero – quite an achievement for a pair of tights. We know some superheroes like to wear their underwear on the outside, but these tights are all about keeping everything very hidden, no visible lines thank you very much. Less seams means less chaffing, and the holes aren’t just there for decoration – they are a neat way to add ventilation. If you love to run, and you’re on a journey to improve your health and wellbeing, these tights will be your dependable sidekick. They will also be there for core sessions, stretching, the gym and other general hero work.



 • High stretch seamless knit construction for zero chaffing

 • Stretch for added movement and support

 • Super soft

 • Skin fit

 • Breathable

 • Ventilated

 • Lightweight

 • UK Womens Size: 6 - 8, 10 - 12, 14 - 16


Colours : All Black

Weight: 269g

Fibre content: 91% Polyamide, 9% Elastane

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