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Sports Sunglasses & Safety Glasses Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions and answers about sports sunglasses and safety glasses.
If you cannot find the answer you need please feel free to <<contact us>>


Where can the general public buy PA Sports and Leisure sunglasses and safety glasses? 

​Please click on the below link to find a stockist:

<<​Visit Retail Outlets Page>>​​​​



I am interested in stocking PA Sports and Leisure sunglasses and safety glasses - how do I find out more? 


Please click on the below link to submit your details to PA Sports and Leisure and a Company representative will contact you directly.

<<Contact PA Sports and Leisure>>​


Which are the best sports sunglasses for cycling?


We would recommend either the Windrush or Pacific. They feature wider lens coverage for maximum protection from wind, sand and flying objects. They come as standard with 4 interchangeable lenses to combat all weather conditions.


How do you change the lenses?

It's an easy process! You simply stretch open the frame and release the inner, then outer corners of the lens. Then pop out the lens and repeat the process in reverse to fit the lens.


What colours do the lenses come in?

There are 4 colours:  Clear, Yellow, Orange and Smoked.  Please see the pictures within our 'Products' area accessed via the following link:

<<click here to view our range information>>​​


Are replacement lenses available?

Yes replacement lenses are available. Please contact us by email for specific details.


Do Sunwise glasses conform to Australian standards?

Yes, all our glasses are tested to comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1337.1.2010


Are childrens glasses available?

Yes the Thirst petite range are designed with petite frames for smaller faces.


Do you stock safety glasses?

The Bulldog range are safety glasses. They are fitted with a hard coated shatterproof lens which are 3 times stronger than standard. These glasses are fully tested to Australian safety glasses standard AS/NZS 1337.1.2010 for medium impact.

Which are the best sunglasses for high impact sports?

We would recommend Bulldog glasses for better impact resistance, safety and superior protection against flying debris encountered in extreme sports.

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