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Sports Sunglasses & Safety Glasses Reviews

Nick - North Coast Triathlon Club (Perth, Western Australia)

Nick from North Coast Triathlon Club in Perth


I recently tried a pair of Windrush sports sunglasses at a summer triathlon.

I wore the glasses for 4-5 hours and found the comfort factor to be excellent. The quality, look and feel of these sports sunglasses is also excellent.

I found the glasses were lightweight and comfortable. The lenses wrap around nicely and give enough coverage that there was no unfiltered light reaching my eyes. I had thought that the lack of air vents at the top would cause them to fog, but the slight gap between the lens and frame itself (given they are interchangeable lenses) was enough to vent hot air behind the glasses.

I also noticed that the nose bridge on the Windrush sunglasses doesn't have shatterable or skewering parts, instead it features soft rubber flexible nosepads. My other sunglasses have a nose bridge with small metal rods between the nose contacts and the frame. If I were to come off of my bike I suspect the Windrush sports sunglasses would be less likely to cause injury.

Some of the more expensive sports sunglasses on the market are photochromatic but as triathletes start around 8am and finish by about 10am and the sun is already up, you're not getting much use out of the fact that they can tint on the fly.

I think the Windrush sports sunglasses represent excellent value for money and I would recommend them to others over my more expensive photochromatic sunnies that clocked in at $110.

Alan - Mindarie (Perth, Western Australia)

Runners Review of Sports Sunglasses


Before purchasing the Windrush sports sunglasses from Sunwise I had tried a few different makes for running with moderate success.

The main feature of the Windrush sunglasses for me was that they stayed in place securely, even in the extreme windy coastal conditions I run in.

Secondly the interchangeable lenses have been very useful in allowing me to run even on overcast, windy days without the inconvenience of dust or sand getting in my eyes.

These sports sunglasses are in my opinion very reasonably priced -  excellent value for money in comparison to the more expensive options on the market!

Chris - Connolly (Perth, Western Australia)

Cyclists review of sports sunglasses

I needed a pair of sports sunglasses for cycling but after over spending on my new bike I was on a tight budget.

I purchased a pair of Sunwise Peak sports sunglasses from P.A Sports and Leisure in white to match the bike! Superb sunglasses, they look stylish, feel comfortable and don't slide around when I'm riding.

For under $30 I don't think you can go wrong with these sunglasses. I would recommend them to anyone.

Mike - Managing Director of Reilly Contractors (Perth, Western Australia)

Civil contractors review of safety glasses


The health and wellbeing of our workers on site is of paramount importance to Reilly Contractors - it is critical to ensure that the safety glasses we provide comply to Australian standards. We have the peace of mind that P.A.Sports and Leisure have had their safety glasses properly tested.

Many of the onsite activites relating to excavation require our operators to wear safety glasses, therefore we want to ensure that they are not only safe but well fitting and comfortable too. We have noticed that some safety glasses on the market become less comfortable when worn for long periods of time - this is not the case with the P.A. Sports and Leisure pairs.

In the past we have noticed that the guys on site go through a lot of safety glasses. The safety glasses provided by P.A.Sports and Leisure seem to be more robust than alternatives on the market, therefore we believe we will save by not having to replace them so frequently.

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