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For sales to members of the public we recommend visiting the following retail outlets for purchases of PA Sports and Leisure products:         KEY -RH = RON HILL    G = Sunwise Sports Glasses    H = Halo    CB = Chamois Butt'r   TLM = Take a Look Mirrors   XT3 = Race Belts    S =  1000Mile Socks     U= 1000Mile UP sports Accessories

cycling sports clothing logo 3.jpg
Cycling Sports Clothing

W: www.cyclingsports.com.au

T: 1300292539

Online Store & 3 x Melbourne Retail Outlets : 


Surrey Hills

Black Rock


Mr Cycling World.com.au logo

Mr Cycling World

W: www.mrcyclingworld.com.au

E: support@mrcyclingworld.com.au

P: 1300 665 828

Online store

RH +G + H + CB + XT3 + S _+ TLM

Sportitude Logo

W: www.sportitude.com.au

E: service@sportitude.com.au

P: 1300 365876

Online Store RH + G + H + CB + XT3 + TLM  + S + U

Ezi Sports logo
Ready Set Go Fitness logo
Ready Set Go Fitness

W: www.readysetgofitness.com.au


P: 03 9646 6897

Melbourne Retail Outlet and Online Store

RH + H + G + S + U + XT3

The Running Centre logo
XTerra Triathlon Run

​W: www.xtrmultisports.com.au

E: sales@xtrmultisports.com.au

P: 08 9300 1190

Online store & Perth Retail Outlet G+ H + CB 

Wildfire Sports logo

Winning Arena


W: www.winningarena.com.au

E: sales@winningarena.com.au

Online Store - S

Geard Cycles logo
Quantam Evolution logo

Quantam Evolution

W: https://evolution.sg/shop/

E: muzz.quantamevolution@gmail.com

Online Store & Sunwise Retail Agent for:

  • Singapore    

  • Malaysia

  • Indonesia

  • Thailand

  • Sri Lanka & Philippines G

Glimmer Gear logo

Wildfire Sports

W: www.wildfiresports.com.au

E: enquiries@wildfiresports.com.au

P: 1300 573274

Milton QLD Retail Outlet

Online Store H + CB + G + RH

Geard Cycles

Glimmer Gear

W: www.glimmergear.com.au

E: hello@glimmergear.com.au

Melbourne Area Retail Outlet 

Online store G  

Perth Golf Network
Perth Golf Network

W: www.perthgolfnetwork.com.au

P: 0404 858377

Perth Area Golf Club and Online Store G

bike bug logo
Abbotsford Cycles logo
Scott Cycles logo
Cycleworld Logo.png

Scott cycles

E: scottcycles@kisser.net.au

T: 08 9144 2984

WA Retail Outlet (Karratha) - H

Perth Integrated Health logo
Bikeforce Australia logo


W: www.cycleworld.com.au

P: 02 97396530

Concord West, NSW Retail Outlet


Cycology logo
Perth Integrated Health

w: www.pihc.com.au

E: cycling@pihc.com.au

P: 08 92405226 (Balcatta)

    08 93648626 (Applecross)

Perth Retail Outlet  - G + H

Sports Medicine Clinic catering for

all levels of sports

fit out your body logo

W: www.fitoutyourbody.com.au
E: train@fitoutyourbody.com.au

Group Fitness and Sports Products Melbourne

Online Store - G

Kalamunda Cycles logo
Kalamunda Cycles

W: www.kalamundacycles.com.au

E: tj.bennet@bigpond.com

P: 08 92932115

Perth Retail Outlet (Kalamunda)


iRide Bikes Toowoomba logo

I - Ride Bikes

W: www.bikesiride.com.au

E: info@bikesiride.com.au

P: 07 4637 8522

Toowoomba QLD Retail Outlet


Epic Cycles logo

Epic Cycles

W: www.epiccycles.com.au

E: info@epiccycles.com.au

P: 07 33682324

Brisbane Retail outlet (Paddington)


The Bike Shack logo
Avantiplus Morley logo

Avantiplus Morley

w: www.avantiplusmorley.com.au

E: morley@avantiplus.com

P: 08 92750061

Perth Retail Outlet

G + H + CB + TLM

The Bike Shack

E: thebikeshacktpg.com.au

P: 02 44217166

Retail outlet (Nowra) NSW


Joondalup Cycle City logo



Kids on Cycles logo

Joondalup Cycle City

W: www.joondalupcyclecity.com.au

E: website contact page

P: 08 93003536

Perth Retail Outlet (Joondalup) 

H + G

Spearman Cycles

W: www.spearmancyces.com.au

E: info@spearmancycles.com.au

P: 02 42292317

Retail Outlet (Woolongong) NSW


GB's Sports & Lifestyle logo
kiama Cycles & Sports logo
Ashfield Cycles logo

Kidsons Cycles

W: www.kidsonscycles.com.au

E: Kidsons.cycles@bigpond.com

P: 02 6921 4474

NSW Retail outlet (Wagga Wagga)


GB'S Sport & Lifestyle

W: www.gbsports.com.au

E: sales@gbsports.com.au

P: 02 6964 1466

NSW Retail Outlet (Griffith)


Ashfield Cycles

W: ashfieldcycles.com

E: info@ashfieldcycles.com

P: 02 97979913

NSW Retail Outlet (Sydney inner west)

CB + H

Kiama Cycles & Sports

W: www.kiamacycles.com.au

E: kiamacycles@gmail.com

P: 02 4232 3005

NSW Retail Outlet (Kiama)


Eagles Rise Sports
Pedals Plus logo
Morgan St Cycles logo
Eagle Rise Sports

W: www.eaglerisesports.com.au

E: info@eaglerisesports.com.au

P: (03) 95465771

Online Store & Springvale Vic Retail Outlet G

Pedals Plus

W: www.pedalsplus.com.au

E: shop@pedalsplus.com.au

P: 02 9498 5879

NSW Retail Outlet (Sydney)


Ride 365 Pty Ltd logo

Ride 365 PTY Ltd


W: www.ride365.com.au

E: shop@ride365.com.au

P: 02 6251 1124

Belconnen ACT Retail Outlet and online store


Waratah Sports logo
ExplorOz Logo

W: www.exploroz.com
E: info@exploroz.com
P: (08) 9403 3737/(02) 8003 7371

Online Store - G

Chain Reaction Training logo

Morgan St Cycles

W: www.morganstcycles.com.au

E: Website Contact Page

P: 02 6921 6629

NSW Retail Outlet (Wagga Wagga)


Chain Reaction Training
Waratah Sports

W: www.waratahsports.com.au

E: sales@waratahsports.com.au

Online Store & Wyoming NSW Retail

Outlet​ (Sydney Area) G

W: www.crtwa.com.au

E: info@crtwa.com.au

P: 0407 929652

Perth Accredited cycling Trainer/Coach

G + CB

West End Cycles logo

West End Cycles

W: www.westendcycles.com.au

E: wecycle@westendcycles.com.au

P: 03 57214519

Vic Retail Outlet (Wangaratta)


Bryla Sporting Apparel
Bryla Sporting Apparel

W: www.brylasports.com

E: sales@brylasports.com

P: 0407 849924

Geelong Retail Outlet and Online Store

G + H

Avanti Plus Rockingham
Jack Bullen's Armidale Bike Centre logo

W: www.kztri.com

E:  admin@kztri.com

P:  1300 796 643​

Online Store - G

meulemans cricket centre logo
Meulemans cricket

W: www.meulemans.com.au

E:  sales@meulemans.com.au

P: 08 9300 2020 (Joondalup)

    08 9367 6216 (South Perth)

Perth Retail Outlet

G + H

Safe Lace Your Advantage logo

Avantiplus Rockingham

W: www.avantiplus.com.au

E: rockingham@avantiplus.com

P: 08 9527 4456

Perth Area Retail Outlet (Rockingham)


Bike Force Woodvale logo
Bike Force Woodvale

E: info@bikeforcewoodvale.com.au

P: 08 9309 5767

​Perth Retail Outlet - G

Australian Golf Online logo
Aussie Golf Shop logo
Armidale Bicycle Centre

W: www.armidalebicyclecentre.com.au

E:  info@armidalebicyclecentre.com.au

P:  02 67723718

Armidale NSW Retail Outlet H

Safe Lace

W: www.safelace.com.au

E:   info@safelace.com.au

Online store and Melbourne area retail outlet

Safe Lace distributor G

Roky Trail Entertainment logo

Kieron Berry


E: kieron@sunwisesa.com.au

P: 0424 011 891

Adelaide area retailer - G

Triathlon Oz logo
Rocky Trail Entertainment

W: www.rockytrailentertainment.com

E: martin@rockytrailentertainment.com

Events company - Cross country mountain bike race.s NSW and ACT area - CB

Onsport logo
Rock n Roll Mountain Biking logo
Rock and Roll Mountainbiking
Eyewise Optical logo

Eyewise Optical

W: eyewiseoptical.com.au

E: eyewise@iinet.net.au

P: 9408 1555

Perth Optometrist (Kingsley) - G


       cycle co.

Hendry cycles

W: www.hendrycycles.com.au

E: info@hendrycycles.com.au

P:Geelong & surfcoast 52411852

   Ocean Grove 52551627

Victoria Retail Outlets - H

Champs Sports

Champs Sports

W: www.champssportswa.com

E: champsportswa@bigpond.com

P: 0497 472287

Perth Retail Outlet (Kingsley)

Online store G + H +CB + Z3