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About Ronhill

Dr Ron Hill MBE achieved the world’s greatest run streak  - 52 years & 39 days. 21.12.1964 - 28.1.2017. He is one of the top world class distance runners of all time. He excelled at marathons and was the first Brit to win the Boston Marathon.In 1970 Ron won Commonwealth Games Gold in Edinburgh in a world best of 2.09.08.
He went on to race 115 marathons & compete in over 100 countries. He has continued to run every day for over 50 years.


He started running in the 1950s, discovering running was something he could do on his terms. Running was independence, pure freedom. Running 100 miles a week, you start to realise where the weak spots are. And for Ron, it was the clothes. So, Ron Hill combined his unique running knowledge with his career as a textile chemist to start designing running clothing .Ron was the first person to use synthetic fibre in sportswear.This passion lead him to set up Ron Hill Sports to sell his designs of running wear.

Today’s Industry standards were Ronhill world firsts. Without the kit, the innovations, and focus on creativity we would just be another sports fashion brand.

Truly effective running clothing is what makes us Ronhill. It’s what we do.

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