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The Ultimate Performance Stockghyll Force v3 Bottle Carrier provides easy access to essential fluids and nutrition gels combined with handy extras making this pack a must have piece of kit for those taking on a longer distance.

If you are taking on a longer distance or event you may want to use of a combination of fluids and energy gels.  As it can be difficult and awkward to use the gel packs you buy in the shop whilst you are on the move we’ve made it a little easier by adding in a 150ml gel bottle to this pack.  Now you can access both gels and hydration without interruptions or mess.


We’ve specifically angled the bottle holster to allow easy access to the bottle whilst on the move.  Simply reach round to remove or replace the bottle back into the holster.  The holster is insulated to protect the wearer from the bottle during wear and shaped specifically to hold our 650ml bottle without it bouncing out.  The 650ml bottle included with the pack is BPA free.  The bottle is shaped to finger grips so that you can easily hold the bottle.  The soft teat cap pulls up to open and pushes down to close making it easy and quick to use when you are on the move. The 150ml gel bottle is held securely in place by an elasticated pocket on the holster and has the same screw top lid with soft teat cap.


As this bottle carrier is designed for longer events you may need to carry a little more kit than normal.  To accommodate this we’ve added in a large zipped mesh pocket that fits most smart phones. There is a handy inner organiser so you can access what you need quickly and easily.  We’ve included an external shock cord that can secure additional items like gloves or a lightweight waterproof.  There is also an elasticated pocket on the side of the bottle holster for additional storage should you need it.


As the pack sits on the small of the back you may be worried about feeling hot and sweaty. The air mesh backing helps to increase airflow between the pack and the body. The wicking material also draws moisture away from the skin to help prevent overheating and irritation.

The fully adjustable, elasticated belt allows for a personalised fit and reduced movement of the pack when in motion.  Fits 26″ to 42″ waists.

We’ve even included some reflective details on the holster and waist belt for added safety in low light conditions. The ID card pocket contains a pull-out card to hold your vital information.

All UP bottles are BPA free!

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