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ITB Strap - UP5450

Helps relieve pain on the outside of the knee associated with iliotibial band syndrome (ITB). It works by applying pressure around the knee, helping prevent the ITB rubbing against the outside of your knee.

Size guide

For size measure around the centre of knee - Fits 11″- 19″ (27-47cm)


70% Neoprene, 30% nylon

What is ITB syndrome?

Iiliotibial band syndrome (ITB is a common overuse injury in runners). It occurs when the iliotibial band, a thick band of connective tissue that runs from the outside of your hip to the outside of the knee is tight or inflamed.

The most typical and notable symptom of IT band syndrome is pain on the outside of the knee. Symptoms develop gradually, often recurring at a specific point in a run. Rest improves things only for the pain to return when you go back to normal running.

How does an ITB strap work?

Wearing an IT Band strap for your knee helps relieve pain from ITBS. The strap works by relieving tension and prevent rubbing of the IT band on your femur.

In addition to using a strap for ITBS, make sure you add foam rolling, icing, and rest for your IT Band pain relief and recovery.  We recommend that you take advice from a medical professional on the best treatment plan for your injury.

Ultimate Performance ITB Strap

The Ultimate Performance ITB Strap is made from textured neoprene that prevents the strap slipping.  The textured fabric improves moisture management and ventilation making it more comfortable during wear.

The adjustable strap ensures a personalised fit and compression.  You can tighten or loosen the strap to fit your required tension.

The soft neoprene blend provides firm, even support and uses body heat to promote improved healing.

One size fits most: fits knees measuring between 11 inches -19˝ inches (27-47cm). For sizing measure around centre of knee

Recommended for: relief of pain on the outside of the knee associated with iliotibial band syndrome (ITB)

BILATERAL – Fits left and right.

Support Level

Ultimate Performance separate the range of supports into 4 levels to give a guideline on the level of support you can expect from the product:





This product is classified as Support Level 2: Moderate


Wear Instructions: Slide onto leg and place pad just above knee cap.  Adjust tension to requirements and secure.

Contains natural rubber latex, may cause allergic reaction in some users.  If skin reaction occurs or pain persists, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

Technical Information

Adjustable for perfect fit and required compression

Ensures a full range of movement for work or play

Support level 2

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